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It’s here!

The second installment of The Songs of Loralan is now available! Click the button below to visit the book’s page.

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Welcome to A. L. L. Writes! Stay and enjoy for as long as you’d like. Scroll to the bottom of the page for a free short story just for you. Thanks for being here!


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Access artwork, character bios, and sneak peaks of my upcoming projects.

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How I started writing, and why I still love it.

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A quest, a question, a broken boy, and a ruined man. Some endeavor to claim the wish a cursed sword promises; others will do anything to keep them from it.

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Start the Series!

eBook and physical copies of Book 1 of The Songs of Loralan series is available directly through this website, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon. Click the button below to claim your copy today. Book 2 releases Fall of 2023!

A. L. Lorensen

Author, reader, & social worker